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Efficient bifidus factor--Food level mannan oligosaccharide (MOS)

Efficient bifidus factor--Food level mannan oligosaccharide (MOS)
Product Detailed
1,High content(>95%) 2,120-200mesh,pure taste 3,Good acid and heat stability 4,Suitable for health food 5,Bifidus factor

Mannose oligosaccharides (MOS) 

                                                                -- Bifidus factor 

        MOS is formed by 2-10 mannoses and glucose through linkage of β-1.4 glucosidic bond.

       The MOS of the company is made by choosing natural konjac flour as raw material and using the self-developed patent product –mannanase producing strain, through fermentation, enzymolysis and other biotechnologies. The company is the first to achieve the industrial scale production of MOS in China. The product has a high purity and excellent functions. With up to 50-100 times of proliferation of beneficial bacteria, it is a kind of oligosaccharides that can have highest proliferation of beneficial bacterial with the smallest amount of usage and has the best quality in all functional oligosaccharides.


  1,Facilitate the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and regulate the micro-ecological


  2,Regulate both constipation and diarrhea and improve gastrointestinal disorders.

  3,Speed up the excretion of toxins, prevent pigmentation, anti-aging, protect the liver and prevent colon cancer.

  4,Promote the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and B vitamins.

  5,Enhance immunity and disease resistance and disease prevention capabilities.


  1,Has pure taste, slightly sweet with original flavor of food, good compatibility, suitable to be added into most of food products.

  2,Good stability in acid and heat conditions and indecomposable after 1 hour heating in the range of PH2.0 -8.0; good processing


  3,The proliferation time of the bifidobacterium can be as high as 50-100 times with an effective usage of only 1/10-1/20 of other

    oligosaccharides, thus the product has a high cost performance.

  4,Indecomposable to the digestive enzymes of human body, no calorie generated, edible for diabetes and obese person.

Range of application

      MOS can be used for food directly and high-end functional food additives alike; it can widely be used in ordinary food and health food, particularly suitable to be added to the dairy, ground rice and drinks.

Value-added effects in the food industry

1,To enhance the added value of food

      The mannose oligosaccharide is quality prebiotics. When added, it can make ordinary food have the health function of regulating micro-ecological balance, improving the quality of the food, thus expanding the market areas and providing products higher added value.

2,Improve food quality

     The mannose oligosaccharide can make toxins loss their harmful effects to human body by ways of physical adsorption or direct integration with the fungal toxin.

3,Extend the retention period of food

     Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, the mannose oligosaccharide can inhibit the maturing of starch, milk powder and other substances, thereby extending the shelf life of food.

                       Technical Indicators of Jinheri Mannan Oligosaccharides 


Food-level Mannan Oligosaccharides(MOS) 














Slightly sweet  Pure taste

Slightly sweet  Pure taste

Grading (mesh)



Mannose oligosaccharides

 (dry basis)(%)



Water content (%)






Sulphated Ash(%)












PH Value



Packaging: Paper barrel, 25kg/barrel,

Storage: placed in dry, avoiding exposure to moisture and sunlight.

Shelf life: 2 years


Efficient bifidus factor--Food level mannan oligosaccharide (MOS)

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